Atmosphere - The Ocean

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Tap tap tap lick the globe against the moon
For the next tune we'll let the camera zoom into the bedroom
The more she raises her voice, the less I really hear
The more she leaves the house, the less I spend on beer
All thoughts are clear,
Chain smoker box of ???
Got to shed this excess gear before we cross this bridge
If we make it to the opposite side of where we stand
We can get some land and make a plan
Woman and man
But your only twenty something are you ready to change?
You've accomplished plenty running
Are you tired? Are you hungry?
Up to no good, but down to try to hard
And to depart and sever the old ways of gauging the weather
And when they ask if you treat me right
I have to lie and yes if i'm to answer the question
Here I dance again in front of the mirror, solitair
Wondering where you are, what's the time, why am I losing all my hair?
If I could hook half as good as you looked
I'd trade in my head phones and my notebook
For all the time you took up to shine
Shook up my align-ment, hooked up to silence
Cause these footsteps is my steps

(Sample:) "Just Get out and don't come back again"
Slug: And don't come again

(Verse 2: Slug)
Ok enter mommy's little socia path
Hoping I have the sober cells left
To taste the smoke on her breathe
Chosen my steps
Prepare to pour a ear fill
Trying to drive her soul
Keep your hands on the steering wheel!
One at nine the other at three
Won't ever find another like she
I call it theif because she took it
Put the key in the hole and started upsetting cruise control
BAM! Hit a tree, my fault I wasn't looking
Distracted, but ain't no body acting suprised
Mapping out a plan to put me back in her eyes
She laid her hand on her thighs
Damn near went blind
And spread my wings to fly and clear my mind,
And usually i'm at top of the game
Atleast I used to be
This is new to me
I can't explain what you do to me,
Moving me, seducing me, inducing me, reducing me down
To figuer or not how I can go about improving me,
Soon we'll see
This whole world will see this
Superhero features
But girl is the weakness
Speaking of the mirror trying to gather my reflection,
Sold my sense of direction for some affection

Now i'm straining, striving, trying to see the ocean
I'm riding, driving, I'm trying to make it to the ocean
Lifting up every shell and holding it up to my ear
I'm trying to hear the ocean, I got to feel the ocean (x2)

(Verse 3: Slug)
Deep within I swim a river of lust,
Beginners luck
Rising tide inges the crust
Hunger, feed my need to free my seed
I cry, I bleed, I fly, I flee
I tried to be everything to each partner I find
But the bottom line is rain always starts in the mind
So I climb inside the rhyme
And riddle the growth of the stome
And sip and swallow the aura
Hit it closer to home
It's a quarter 'til two,
I'm still waiting anxious
Got to surface, the tools, the motivation to paint this,
Don't know which colors to use, detail is not my game
So now I'm through differentiating heaven and pain
I'm just another straight cat trying to rest my tail
Prepared to go to war and scared to check the mail
She's a bird with crippled wings
Intrigued by the simple things (it's too simple, your too simple)
You could take the bone out the chicken
But you can't take my girls out to lunch without me thinking
Probably somethings up
If you can't take it with you then fuck it I ain't goin'
I'll just sit here for now and dream about the ocean

Carouselic (????) contagious carnival of carnage,
Wearing a name tag that says artist
Holding the harness, controlling the motive
Floating the waves
Looking for that ocean

Now i'm straining, striving, trying to see the ocean
I'm riding, driving, I'm trying to make it to the ocean
Lifting up every shell and holding it up to my ear
I'm trying to hear the ocean, I got to feel the ocean (x2)

(Sample:) "Just Get out and don't come back again"
(Slug:) And don't come again

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