Attack Slug - 2D Or Not 2D

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2 shades of grey, and black trim
power pad instead of the gym
slicin em up with ninja gaiden
2D or not 2D
pixel's are so pretty
simple geometry
i prefer Atari

so it's 2D or not 2D
tell me what do you prefer fer an RPG
street fighter, mario 3
and on the PC well you've got Ski Free
no CG for me, i need sprites
and if i got a bike well it better excite
and if i gotta fight then i'm punchin out lights
glass joe, king hippo, and mike tyse
like woah, i'm fiendin for the arcade
when 25 cents got me another play
button number 2, thats my grenade
rock the high score initials display

blast processing
and sonic was king
i beat robotnik and got my rings
and i shot that dog while duck hunting
in bayou bog's i'm side scrolling
pro wrestling? yes a winner is me!
the amazon is on a face biting spree
piledrive you into obscurity
referee countin for that 1-2-3
genesis does what nintendo don't
look at that speed in the green hill zone
had a big freeze when E.T. phoned home
kids these days, man they just don't know

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