Attack Slug - Fanboys

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it's a never ending quest, to pack the newest tech
with the next upgrade you pray it will attract the other sex
hit up the iBank cash your iChecks
lemme guess for blue jeans and all these black turtlenecks
you're depressed cause han shot first, it's a fact that lucas knows
with the plot you're not obsessed, still thirsty for leia's clothes
those mr spock ears can you hear me? its so apropos
but every seventh year, still play the han(d) solo
givin up on askin why, don't know why you even try
your hope is a joke that lonelygirl's in need of a lonelyguy
display yo figs, motherfuckin MOC, she's sayin BYE
but what can you reply? nothing just give it up and die
apply yourself in the mission, just like a politition
the lies from gamefaqs no matter how wack are your ammunition
get lost in the transition, here's just one more tradition
you opened the box you cock it's no longer in mint condition

fanboys you know, i know
that there ain't no survival
so give up if you know what's good for you
fanboys i know, you know
what is the fucking problem
so shup up and realize what you got to do

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