Attack Slug - In My Head

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So sharp I shoot like Sogeking
I'm so bright, I shine like the one true ring
I'm underestimated, like the GameCube
Crank to my third gear, as I break through (alternate 'third gear' reference)
XBMC is my choice of home brew
Blowing up shit like EDF2
Attack in monochrome, 4 shades of green
Cut you down with a bass guitar and flee the scene

Stop referencing games with no US release
Even though you own them you can't read Japanese
You bitch about backlog, lately what have you beat?
Nothing last month, well that's hardly l337
You're as useless as Windows Genuine Advantage
So pack your shit up now 'cause you're gonna vanish
I don't think you're geeky enough for Nerdcore
So would you please stop being so damn obscure

I've spilt more red than Sega
Claws all up in your face like Vega
I'll exploit your weakness like digital devils
You'll be the Empire, and I'm those damn Rebels
I'll slow you down worse than Norton Antivirus
Faster than a zero day release by software pirates
My idea's come so fast you can't confine them to paper
You're all "but but but but" when I take your red stapler

Hate to burst your bubbles, like Puzzle Bobble
But your only beefs are hamburgers, robble robble robble
Your mic skills are weak, and your style ain't unique
You're stuck down at base camp, while I'm at the peak
Ain't got no audience, so what is there to fear?
Spend too much time on tracks no one will ever hear
Just like with the ladies, you're destined to fail
Now go get some sunshine, you're too fucking pale

Will you two settle down? I can't hear myself think
Such asinine behavior, you're driving me to drink
I hate to interrupt your stupid little feud
But our time here is done, and we really must conclude

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