U.S.D.A. - Live My Life

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Oh yea baby

Haters be hatin'
Got me mistaken
The moment I fall off
They better be patient
These niggas is jealous
And I'm over zealous
With money on my mind yall
And I can't help it

(Chorus x2)
I'ma live my life
I'ma do what I want to do
I'ma play how I wanna play
Let me live my life
The bros is callin'
Nigga I'm ballin'
Them haters be plottin'
But I aint stoppin'

(Blood Raw)
I aint standin' no haters
I'm sucka free
If it aint about money
It aint nothing to me
My man I'm jail free
And money aint an issue
I know what it is
So homie I aint trippin
I'ma rock my ice
Let me live my life
I live in Georgia
But shawty's so far
But I ride candy
I'm still in the hood
Still keep it real
I don't care how they feel
I already got something to say
But don't nobody want to listen
Man yall Trippin'
Tell Jeezy and Slick
We made it out the streets
We paid for the order
So homie lets eat
(Chorus x 2)

(Young Jeezy)
These streets will kill ya
What you think I'm strapped for
And I aint tryin' to go to jail
What you think I rap for
Got my eyes on the road
Yeah I'm in my own lane
And I don't follow no nigga
Shit I do my own thing
Seen friends turn to foes
Made my money off of hoes
I'ma get the weed nigga
You just get the hoes
Feel free yeah nigga
You can hate on me
And I never fall off
You can wait on me
So call it flamboyant
I just put it in their face
Let a nigga run up on me
Shit I bet I catch a case
Money over haters
Yeah I love that
So why they gon kill me
Nigga I stay strapped

(Chorus x 2)

(Slick Pulla)
Don't nothing come to a nigga
When he sleep of dreams
Not money I hear
Better getcha some green
Stop tryin' to block a playa
From his destiny
Spread ya wings like Mike
Come fly with a G
I took the T-tops off
I'm lookin' at the clouds
Ridin' through the hood
I feel so proud
Whatcha cookin' in the morning
Damn should laid on me (Say what)
Should a put them on the stove
Watch them screaming for profit (Talk to ‘em)
Slice everyday
And I'm Still on the hood Shit
Wild'n out, Fuckin' hoes and shit
Keep a dude on my left
Call the streets his trife
So nigga don't hate me
Let me Live my life

Haters be hatin'
Got me mistaken
The moment I fall off
They better be patient
These niggas is jealous
And I'm over zealous
With money on my mind yall
And I can't help it

(Chorus x 2)

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